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Who We Are
Telecommunications professionals for more than 20 years. Our vast community reaches installers, employers, buyers and sellers worldwide. When you advertise with us, you reach a targeted, well-defined audience. Your banner ad, text-island message or forum sponsorship could be displayed on over 50,000,000 pages per year!

  • Over 50,000 registered forum members
  • Well over 2 million visits every year
  • More than 1.3 million pages ar
  • chived
  • Unparalleled reach in the telecom community
  • Professionally moderated forums free of spam and automated submissions

Benefits of Advertising

  • Access to our loyal and growing professional community
  • A wide variety of advertising options from Site-wide to Run-of-Forum
  • Target viewers by manufacturer(s) or subject matter
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Your ads appear automatically as new threads and discussion are created

How to Get Started

We offer advertising opportunities to accommodate most any budget from local installers and resellers to international manufacturers. Contact our advertising department and let them know who you’d like to reach and we’ll create a custom advertising campaign that will put your message where audience lives and works.

For pricing information and full advertising email us at [email protected]


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