I just had an old voicemail system conk out & am now routing the voicemail ports on a DK424 into fxo ports on an Asterisk system. All calls routed to vm are fowarded from stations on the dk424 and originate on other stations or enter the 424 though a T1.

Asterisk does not listen for D,A & B tones. I have turned PGM31 led 19 & 20 off, but when I turn off led 15 I am getting recordings of the fast-busy-tone (which I assume is referred to as Auto Release) When I leave 15 on, I get occational blank messages - probably due to asterisk-voicemail's silence detection being misled by the D tone.

Is there a way to make the toshiba not generate an auto-release tone and not send extra dtmf tones when the voicemail leaver ends the call (note that no calls are from loop start trunks - so no help with PGM15)?

...or best have the Toshiba's voicemail fxs port simply hangup at the end of the call?