We received an uninvited call this evening at 7:56pm. CID name = "Out of area" and CID number = +50622844870 (note that this is an eleven digit number with the plus sign prefix).

A pre-recorded message urged me to stay on the line. And why shouldn't I? They had attempted to call me many times unsuccessfully about the extension of my automobile warranty!

It only took a minute's worth of research to see that this was one of many (possibly spoofed) telephone numbers that have been associated with Costa Rican telemarketers on phishing expeditions.

There are numerous reports of these "robot calls" being made to mobile or land line numbers with the premise that: 1) your auto warranty is about to expire, 2) your auto insurance is about to expire or 3) you may lower your high credit card rates by talking to us.

Phone calls with similar CID info has been reported since May of this year. Since these calls are most likely made from outside the U.S., it doesn't make sense to file a complaint with the FTC. The fact that your phone number appears on the National "Do Not Call" list is meaningless to a scammer in Central America. The best way to handle such calls is to hang up. Don't ask who they are, how they got your number or similar question unless you wish to be hung up on first.

"Carry others as you climb" -- Tim Alberstein