Hello all -
I have a good enough understanding of telcom to know my connectors, punch downs, line signaling (to some extent), and I've poked around in the system a fairly good deal but...

[disclaimer: feel free to PM me manual info, etc. I'm not going to ask anyone to post that here]

Goal: Configure VM boxes without physical stations for a salon. They have 12 stylists, but don't want stations at each "station" so...

AT: I set up the VM using one of the main phones (ports 1 & 2) for extensions x50 - x62 (use whatever you'd like for x within reason). When attempting a transfer to those extensions, it rings busy and then disconnects.

Question: Do I have to set up physical ports on the system and possible connect phones to them to make this work (makes no sense), or do I just need to adjust the dialplan/etc. It's set up for 3 digit extensions, dials out fine, and the two phones that also have mailboxes work fine.

Thoughts/Ideas? I'm new to this switch, and sort of inherited it.

System specs: MBD-U10, s3: ESI(8)-U10 ETU (stations), s5: COI(8)-U10 ETU (CO interface), s7: VMS(4)-U1(0) ETU (VM).

This is my first post here, and I can't remember the system revision level off hand (I don't think this is going to be rev specific). I'm assuming there's no reasonable way to get a copy of the interface software either... but I'll throw it out there anyway.

Thanks for the help in advance, and feel free to PM me any other questions/information.

otto flux