I inherited a customer this past week who has the NEC Pro II with ACE. They lost power and I had to replace the the CPU battery and reprogram from scratch. I cannot seem to get the ACD to work.

There is a MIF card installed, my programming is as follows:

1-8-25: Agent01,GP1,Sta122
1-12-00 Group01 Pilot = 220
4-12 Line key 9 = LOG
7-3-03 MIF ACD=1
I also have programmed one CAR assignement as 220

When I activate the LOG On key, and place a call to 220, it does not ring the phone.

Any suggestions?

Additionally,they have been using the ElectraStat-ACD/MIS software on a computer. I cannot find any reference as to how to make it start collecting data.

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