Customer with Elite 192 and PRI has been in service and working great for about 5 years. Recently when placing outbound calls, the display shows "Congestion", and returns a busy sound. No programming has changed.

I tested with the service provider where they would trap calls, and monitor both inbound and outbound traffic. When I place an outbound call, I get the "congestion" indication, but the telco does not see the outbound attempt.

I believe, when I dial 9 to go out the PRI, it is the PRT card that generates the dial tone. If I get the dial tone, I can make the call and the telco sees it going out. If I dial 9 and get the "congestion", they don't see it. Since the "congestion" indication is generated by the NEC system (not the telco) I'm trying to determine do I have a card that may be going bad?

I can reset the PRT card, and outbound calls are ok for a short while, then the "congestion" starts all over again. I have verified with the telco that they have not made changes to the PRI configuration at their end: (NI-2, B8ZS, 24 channel, etc). My clocking unit on the CPU is set as 1:1 to clock off the network. None of these settings has ever been changed.

I'm at a loss.

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