Okay, I could use a little help from people that understand the whole memory specifications.

I managed to figure out that PC 3200U and PC2 3200U are not the same. They have different pins. Can someone explain the difference?

Also, I am rebuilding a Dell Optiplex 280 desktop with a P4 3.4 CPU. It currently has two 256 sticks of PC2 3200U Ram. I inserted 2 sticks of PC2 5300U RAM. Seems to work fine. I noticed that the 3200 speed is 400 mghz, and the 5300 shows up as a 566 speed. Since the CPU bus is 800, should I only be using the the 3200 RAM? or can I see a gain, or at least the same performance out of the 5300 RAM. I have two gigs of the 5300 RAM.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


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