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Family Says Donald Driver's Father Beaten By Houston Police
Police Department To Conduct Internal Investigation

HOUSTON -- The father of Packers star Donald Driver is in a Houston hospital following an arrest and alleged beating early Monday morning.

Houston police said Marvin Driver Jr. was arrested during a traffic stop and put in the back seat of a squad car and taken to the city's Southeast Jail.

Upon arrival at the jail, officers said Driver Jr. was unresponsive. Once examined by doctors, paradmedics were called and he was taken to an area hospital. According to Driver Jr.'s family, before officers detained hime the police and Driver's family got into an argument which lead to another argument with Driver Jr. about the language in which the officers were using with his family.

Driver Jr.'s family alleged that Driver Jr. never made it to the jail but was picked up by the paramedics several blocks from his parents home laying in the street bloody and unconscious, and the police were no where to be found.
The family said Driver Jr. is in intensive care where he can't even speak. It said doctors said there is some bleeding on his brain from blunt force trauma. He is communicating by writing notes (pictured above right).
Houston police said its Internal Affairs Division will investigate the misconduct allegations.
"We take allegations such as these very seriously and will begin a thorough investigation into the matter. The two officers remain on duty pending further investigation," according to Houston police.
Packers coach Mike McCarthy declined to comment on the situation Wednesday afternoon, saying it would be inappropriate. He said that Driver has been excused from practice but that the wide receiver is expected to play Monday night.

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