With all the negative economic news being delivered daily I thought we could all chime in and post something positive about our business.

I think it is true that sometimes in order to survive you need to Zig when everyone else Zags.

Think about this, General Custer was still alive and well when the telephone was invented. Since then a lot of technology and industry has come and gone.

Still today you can see billboards, business cards and numerous other forms of advertising and top dog on that piece of advertising is the phone number.

Business in the next few years will be cutting the budget and no matter what gets cut that phone will sit in a prime location inside the business till the last day. When the phone goes silent the next thing in that business will be the install of plywood over the doors and windows.

I'm not jumping for joy that my fellow man is in for hard times. I'm just trying to find the silver lining in the looming dark cloud. The toys the CG's thrive on along with other so called business tools are gonna go on the back burner.

Get a new blade for the punch tool gang because here in the land of opportunity it is about to be our turn to shine.