The company I work for have a Samsung 7400 series. We run Samsung ITP-5114D phones. We use D-5000 cordless phones paired to VoIP phones.

Recently we have been having problems with the system. The problem is as follows:

Internal pages through the phones starts to jitter - the beeps that a page starts with break up and then the voice becomes distorted. The external speaker system we have plugged into the 7400 is not affected. Voice calls then become problematic with users reporting clarity problems and the breakup of conversation.

The only resolution I have been able to find for this problem so far is to reset the MGI cards from the Samsung Installation Tool. I have to do this on a daily basis.

The phones use the same physical network as the PC's on our network. I have a feeling that the problem will be network related (We do not run vLANS or Qos)The phone system is however on a different subnet.

The 7400 also has 2 GWIM devices plugged into the network one on the phone system subnet one on the normal PC subnet.

I'm really struggling trying to find out what the problem may be and how we can rectify it. Can anybody help please?