So I'm completely new to telecom. I'm an IT guy, trying to help out a non-profit.

Two questions:
1.) The non-profit has two buildings, one on either side of a 6 lane highway. They have 2 classic ADIX pbx boxes in each building. They use a leased T1 line and connect them via what looks like an IX-T1DT1 card. Recently the two buildings have joined the same ethernet network via a high powered wireless bridge (20mbps). My question is if there's anyway to connect the two PBX's via our ethernet instead of using the expensive $600/mo T1. I'm assuming it's not as simple as plugging an ethernet cable into the T1DT1 card? If not, any other type of interface that could make this work?

2.) Do any of you know any experienced ADIX technicians in the San Francisco Bay area looking for some contract work?