710 splicing, especially for smaller sized cables can be as time consuming as "B"s, Pica bonds, Scotchlocks, or twist and solder/sleeve.

Yes, "Bucket of Bolt" splice closures are common, so the garbage can is not too far off....around here we use truck mufflers... laugh

So, depending on the size, type, location, 710 can be fast or slow, neat or messy. But unless the user is trained (no different than any other system) it can be a job. If the enduser really wants to do this with 710, rent it from Ed. If you are going to do it on a regular basis, maybe it would be cost effective to own it. Otherwise, any of the other systems can be cheap or fast, clean or dirty, it just depends on the size of the job and what is being spliced.

Now that I have regurgitated the obvious, the floor is open for discussion. aok