I got a call from a "sometimes" customer. Seems they switched to TWC phone service and things weren't working right. I asked who physically moved their lines to the new service and was told "the computer outfit"! He said they were missing alot of calls and customers were complaining once they did get through. He also said they still had 4 lines due to be ported this past Thursday. Could I wait until Thursday to come in? This was Tuesday!!
I call Thursday morning, finally getting through and he wants me to come in.
I find 15 lines had been ported and crossconnects were done one for one. No big deal, except, the 4 remaining lines are in their rotary group as line 2,3,4 and 5 plus the new due date for porting is 2 weeks out!!! I contact the local sales rep for TWC and he says they created a new rotary group as listed on the old phone bill!!! The missing lines were on page 2 of the old phone bill! Remember the computer outfit that swung over the crossconnects... Line 3 of the "new" rotary group was connected to a server modem.... Get the picture now?
I had already tested the "new" lines for rotary and only the first 3 worked. The last line didn't have ring voltage!!! You couldn't be on the number, call it, and have it rotate as they weren't optioned that way, only the first 3 were optioned!!! I added the new lines one at a time, programmed a position then busied it, then called to test for the next line. Other than the no ring voltage line all was working fine. For whatever reason, 2 system line ports had been skipped but they were mapped to the 2 reception phones. Now I get the complaint that phones are ringing that shouldn't, line pool access doesn't work and several other minor issues. I clean up all these issues and set a specific DRT they didn't have. Test all faxes and cc machines and tell them the last 4 lines need to be stand-alone. The TWC tech showed up and fixed the no ring voltage line, too! All this in one of busiest clinics in town.
There were a lot of failures here and it started with TWC.