I had a suspicion that the port was automatically detected since there was no way to set it, but it's nice to know that for a fact.

(actually I'm not 100% as to what the VM is..I am assuming it's OS/2 but since it was inherited it could very well be NT as I've never actually taken a look at it)

I've dealt with a lot of the older VMs and moved files and folders around via dos commands, but I've never done this on an NT (maybe even OS/2) based VM..

3 questions :

1) Do you know off hand where the DB folder is? (I am assuming it's more or less the directory structure the older VMs had?..if so I should be able to find it, but no harm in asking..)

2) I am also assuming I'll need to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the VM to do this..? (since I don't see a way to do this through the session manager..)

3) How do I default the avdap database? (never had to do that..)

I had a suspicion it might be VM related, but was leaning towards a system setting being out of whack..

SoCalJake, if this work you are a lifesaver and I'll definitely owe you one. :-)

One last question : If it does end up being the VM database being corrupt and I have to rekey everything, the mailboxes will be gone as well correct? (just wanted to clarify that).

Thanks a million my man,