As I understood it, it sounded like verizon came back out and switched her back over and knocked the other tenant out again.

And yes, disconnecting the service from the other provider is so scandalous I can't imagine a tech doing it purposefully.

It could be as easy as the techs aren't bothering to tone back their runs. They just unscrewed the main coax splitter from one and put it kn the other because no one was thinking about the other tenant that wanted to keep service

Maybe forgive the first tech, everyone all around probably didn't think about it until he left.

Given the situation, the 2nd tech should have definitely been told there is another customer here and he's going to have to take a whole 15 minutes to tone out the two or three jacks that upstairs wants and take them off the fios splitter to the main house. If he was a good boy he might even put terminators o the splitter. (Haha, I made a funny joke, what's a terminator?)

2nd tech going in, and knowing there's multiple tenants and services here just goes in and whacks the fios service (probably just their coax feed, I still dont believe he would touch their drop) is yes monstrous

If fios came out as a 3rd tech onsite and did it again, then now I'd have to guess theres not actually any malice. The ont and coax feed must have the same demarc and only have a single coax feeding to some other distant splitter where service actually splits for both tenants. Neither wants to run another coax to that splitter to set up both tenants properly