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CSR Moron should't be in the picture.

They only were because Auntie Maria (who is elderly and lives alone) believes anything and has no clue. Her cable stopped working so she calls Cablevision. Instead of just reporting that here cable was out, she explains to them that it went out after Verizon was there fixing the service for the lady upstairs, which stopped working when the Cablevision installer was there. At that point the quick thinking CSR put two and two together and told her that there could be only one account per house. She didn't want to make a commotion because she didn't want to get the landlord in trouble. So now she is going to take a bus to turn in the cable box because Cablevision closed almost all their locations and they are harassing her for $300.

Oh, and she figures she is OK right now because the lady upstairs gave her the password for her Verizon WiFI and she'll split the cost with her.

I can't make this stuff up.


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