Just thought I would pass along a little information in case anyone runs into the same situation. I was programming a 200 ICP today for an initial install. Programmed in the mailboxes. On a test call the auto attendant said I was transferring to the correct name and I could leave a message. However when the GM tried to retrieve the message it asked for her mailbox number and when entered it said it was invalid. I was confused for a while being mislead by the fact that her name and greeting were still there so I was checking COS, etc. Finally I checked form 50 and all the mailboxes were gone. As it turned out I had neglected to adjust the mailbox/extension length in form 49 to three digits.

So just be aware that the 200 ICP will allow you to program incorrect length mailboxes in form 50 and will allow you to even set the boxes up, but if/when you reset the system the boxes will disappear.