Hello all,

I am currently a disgruntled bell customer looking to switch to a better phone. I have looked at a number of them and services but have now considered looking a the telus line of mike phones. I want a long battery usage phone that also has great reception and long range transmission capabilities.

The phone should also have email capabilities if possible. The mike two way radio phones look like thay fit the bill but want to get recomendations from other techs in the BC Canada market.

I dont have anyone else to talk to on the mike phones but no other phones look tough and sturdy.

Also, opinions on the back berry phones? I heard the units with the built in wireless antenna suck.
My supervisor was issued one and he said that when he turns his head the signal disapears and kills the call. Also there was issues with the phone making a long audiable beep cutting into the conversation of somone he is talking to. That would be the call waiting feature.

So what do you all Canadian techs recomend? Telus or Rogers and which phone? I want a plan that is 30 dollars and under. I would not use it that much.