i have an issue with a 280 with a ti and 100
did numbers that now have about 50 assigned
as phantom numbers appearing on various sets and used for employees off site for v/m
this is not mine from scratch and have been adding dids 5 at time copying previous method that still works until this last time that when you press the phantom number
the lght does light on the phone
it rings does c/f to voicemail its just that the light doesnt light
i have the following programmed
*04 lpn 530 to dn 237
*33 ownership ref # 530 /actual 237/owner
39 phantom 237 to button 19 on x210
3 sets of c/f 601/656/657 all in.
in told this is not the correct way to do this but copying all previous ones prog its worked now its the same except for the light.
operation is fine i would like to correct this next trip
system is a 2 cab b pack r3

in looking at *09 i think i missed DID translation for these phamtom numbers
could that be the light deal??

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