Greetings fellow NEC users! I have an IPKII system that I'm hoping to get a little insight and assistance on.

I have a SIP trunk established between my IPKII and my Cisco Call Manager system. However, I have two issues with my implementation that are driving me bonkers (and I'm not an NEC tech, so forgive my improper terminology at times).

1) Caller ID between the two systems is dysfunctional. Calls FROM Cisco to NEC always appear perfectly (Name and Number). Calls from NEC/Outside to Cisco always show up as just the extension and the value specified in 10-28-04. The why was discovered when examined some data packets and revealed what the two systems are sending:

Cisco to NEC
From: "In-Patient 1"(sip:[email protected])
To: (sip:[email protected])

NEC to Cisco
From: "233"(sip:[email protected])
To: (sip:[email protected])

Ironically, it seems to be the NEC that isn't sending the right FROM information. I've scoured through the documentation on it, and it seems it's by design.

I've change 21-17 and 21-19 to at least get the extensions to showup, but I'd love a means of fixing it properly.

2) The second issue has to do with establishing a SIP connection to my Exchange server. Exchange requires the transport protocol for SIP to be TCP instead of UDP.

I saw this can be changed in 10-28 on the NEC side, however, changing that setting didn't resolve the issue... is this a setting that requires a reboot, or does it simply not work the way I'm expecting?

Does anyone know a way to make it work? I have configured it to use G711u-law as Exchange expects, which is what my Cisco side of things uses as well. Cisco has no problem talking to Exchange using TCP instead of UDP. Any thoughts?