Hello, I am also trying to use a pc with a Brooktrout TR1034 T1 (24 channel) to provide fax traffic to a CAC channel bank with 24 FXO ports to drive 24 DID analog fax modems. The CAC is a Channel Bank 1. The DID anlog fax modems provide battery feed and they are "immediate start". These modems presently work with with a carrir providing me analong DID circuits. I am trying to get a T1 line to replace the 24 analong lines. That is why I am trying to use the Brooktrout arangement to simulate, provide the T1 line with traffic. I have all the equipment, I just want to know if antbody has done this before or if anybody has any advice for me. I am out in the country and T1 line is not available here. The final configuration would be in a data center with T1.

Best Regards