Since I got email on the last's another...

A cowboy is captured by some indians. The say OK white man you're gonna die. But before we kill you we're going to give you three days to have three wishes. What do you want for your first wish.

White man: I wanna talk to my horse.

The indians bring the cowboy his house and he whispers a few words in the horses ear and slaps him on the ass and the horse takes off running. An few hours later the horse returns with a beautiful naked blond on its back. The blond dismounts and walks intot he TeePee where the cowboy is waiting.

Indians: Silly white man. He's about to die and all he can think about is getting laid

The next day the indians ask the cowboy the same question and again he ask to speak to his horse. Once again he whispers words to the horse and slaps him on the rump and the horse takes off running. and once again the horse returns but this time has 2 naked busty women on it's back. The Indians look and shake their heads.
On day three the Indians:

Okay silly white man...last day last wish. Cowboy: I want to speak to my horse. They bring his horse to him once again.

This time the Cowboy walks up to his horse, squeezes it's ear really hard and says....

I said bring back the Posse!