A Guy has been having terrible migrane headaches and all the doctors say is that his balls have to be removed. After months and months of agony, he decides to go ahead with the procedure and have his nutz removed. After the surgery, he awakes to find that all the pain is gone, no more migranes, in fact he hasn't felt this goood in years. upon release from the hospital, he decides to go for a new custom tailered suit, from world famous designer Guido.
He walks into Guido's store and Guido tells him to stand on the pedastal for measurement. Guido then just stares at the guy. So the guy asks why isn't he breaking out the tape measure? Guido says, what tape measure? Guido need no tape measure, Guido uses only eye!! So the guy says, yeah right, and Guido says ok, you are size 18 in neck. The guy says, hey, you're right!
Guido says, your shoe, is a size 11. The guy says yes, you are correct! Guido says underwear?, size 38 . So the guy says, well now you're wrong, I wear a size 34 underwear. So Guido says, size 34? are you crazy, it make balls tight and give you headache!