About 1978 I was working as a shift supervisor in a Southland Corp. chemical plant (swing shift).
The plant manager did something really stupid, having maint install a plastic line (instead of metal as required) to transport Propionic Acid from one end of the plant to the other, in order to make Sodium Propionate in both dryers at the same time.
The valve and switch for the pump where at the other end of the building where the tank was located.
The area where it was normally made. I had just come on duty (12:00 midnight) and did not know of the changes made yet. The operator about to leave was pumping Propionic Acid into a mix of water and Caustic Soda.
He got to much in too quick and the reaction started to get out of hand, scared, he shut off the valve on the end of the plastic pipe before
it was relayed to the other end to turn off the pump. Before he could get his ass out of the way
the valve blew off the plastic pipe and he was soaked with acid. Luckily there was someone right there to grab him and drag him to the Emergency shower. Shut down production and took the guy to hospital and stayed for a while to see he was OK.
Went back to plant and had my guys empty, flush, and then dismantle the plastic piping that was run over the roof. Needless to say I was Pissed off!!!
We had a 1A2 key phone in the supervisors office.
About 8:30am I picked up the phone and punched the
ICM button and dialed the page code and called for the Plant manager and the Gen Supt to come to my production area, then threw the handset down on the side cradle of the 10 btn phone. I did not know it but the handset did not go on the cradle, but bounced off the side and landed on the desktop. The intercom button did not release. What else coud happen but a Maint man came in to the empty office and asked "what do you think about the nut that had that plastic pipe run across the roof?" What did I do?? I proceeded to tell him in a very loud voice, and, in extreme detail, 'exactly' what I thought of the Plant Manager.
No one in the plant had any misconceptions about my feelings after that miscue.
Never vented in the office again. I went outside the office where it was noisy and only the intended party could hear me.