i originally posted this on the nortel side but did not get any results solving my problems.

The problem: when callers from residential lines call in on the PRI, the cp150 does not repspond to any dtmf tones and eventually times out and fwd to operator.

Working senarios:

pri to pri - okay
pri to analog -okay
analog to analog - okay

even when i am there and dial out on my buttset from an anolog line half the time i get no reponse to the dtmf. If i terminate that analog line on the system and dial out back into the pri it works fine. It something with the basic telephone sets and pots lines that seem to have the problem.

this is a new install with mics 6.1mr and cp150 2.1

Is there anyting i can ask for telco to check for regarding the settings on the dti line?