Please email me if you have any interest in any of these parts. There are 6 Panasonic 336 systems with about 650 phones. All PANA phones are white consisting of 7020, 7030, and 7130s. There are about 14 Vodavi 96EX systems with about 750 61612-xx and 61614-xx phones. From memory, the majority of the phones are burgundy/maroon, but there is also green, grey, and beige that I am aware of. Everything is recently taken out of service as we just finalized their intercom portion of their Cisco VoIP system. Everything can go all at once or in pieces. Email any of your interest. There are a couple of voicemail units as well.

159 KX-T336 Amanda
152 KX-T336
100 KX-T336
26 Vodavi 96EX
80 Vodavi 96EX Amanda
63 KX-T336
86 KX-T336 TVS75
85 KX-T336
54 Vodavi 96EX
40 Vodavi 96EX
48 Vodavi 96EX
57 Vodavi 96EX
60 Vodavi 96EX
53 Vodavi 96EX
53 Vodavi 96EX
45 Vodavi 96EX
71 Vodavi 96EX
59 Vodavi 96EX
53 Vodavi 96EX
53 Vodavi 96EX