My company recently upgraded our phone system and we are looking to sell our old system.

Here is a list of the phone system sorted by part number#

Part# 89050A (87 phones)
Part# 89053A (4 phones)
Part# 89054 (3 phones)
Part# 89555A (2 phones)
Part# 89060 (2 phones)
Part# 89061 (3 phones)
Part# 89000-C( phone system cabinet X 2) We had between 72-84 trunks running into it ) We had 4 voice T1 and 1 fractional T1(50% voice/50% data)

This is a total of 101 phones( around $10,000 worth of sales from what I've found on the internet). Since they sell for around $99 per phone on the internet(not including the cabinet)

I believe this system has had all the upgrades along the way and can do some things that my Samsung iDCS 500 can't do such as 2-way off-hook voice announcement while in another call and caller ID to SLI extensions.

Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions.

Thanks for your help.