Los Angeles/Hollywood Hills/Outpost

I have at home a Merlin II/Legend system: Power Supply 391A3, two (2) 408 GS/LS-MLX, one (1) 800 card (8 outside lines) and Processor marked "Large System Equipped with FM2." It sort of works. This is not a business system, but a very advanced home system for a telecom aficionado (me). 3 POTS incoming, may keep my ISDN (2B+D, though I don't have an ISDN card but can resurrect my old Motorola terminal adapter formerly used for internet before DSL), and/or maybe will put a couple Vonage VOIP lines in.

I bought a Legend Rel. 7.0 v. 9.0 processor, but it never seemed to work, so I put the old processor back in. (Power Unit insufficient?) I was hoping to get caller-ID at the MLXs. I never got the hang of programming the phones, or backing up. Never could figure out SwitchHook/Flash for Call Waiting, even. I do have a 355A RJ-45 to serial converter and did get WinSPM connectivity before. I never understood the role of the PCMCIA slot either.

I am thinking about getting a CKE4 R 7 v 12 processor.

Request: somebody who can give the system a once over, diagnose why some terminals/phones are only semi-functional (crappy/noisy wiring?), and program the beast more than I have (caller-ID, call waiting, hunt, maybe even migrate from KSU config.) No hassles, no warranty, just think of it as a little time filler odd job.

Thanks for considering!