Welcome to the Request an Installer forum. The purpose of this forum is to give members a place to post their requests for onsite technical help only. All other posts will be removed per the board discretion.

When a post for work has been listed please use discretion when contacting the potential customer. If you do not cover the location of the job and/or service the type of system, please do not contact the customer as someone in the specified area may be able to put them on as a customer.

Once you have made contact and provided service please make a post back to the original request to let us know that the service and or sales for this lead has been preformed. This way the customer will not be contacted repeatedly for work that has been completed.

This forum is intended to afford a simple exchange between customers and interconnects and nothing else. No guarantees for the customers or sellers are provided as a part of this no-charge exchange. We DO NOT offer any level of support between customers and interconnects.

Thank you in advance for your support, and if you have any questions please call 1.800.766.3425.

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