Hi. I am Jim Moats. I was born and raised in Iowa. After high school I went to Control Data Institute in Minneapolis. After the 10 month course and at the age of 19 yrs, I went to work for Data 100 installing and servicing data processing equipment (printers, card readers, mag tape drives, punch card drives and disk drives.) Data 100 transferred me from an In-house Tech to a field tech and moved me to Columbus, Ohio. Then approx 1979 Northern Telecom bought out Data 100.

In the mid 1980’s Nortel moved us into phone systems and from then on have been a phone tech. After 30 years & 5 weeks of vacation, Nortel laid off 50,000 or more and I was the last one left in the Columbus office and locked the doors.

I started my own company, CMH Telecom, Ltd., in 2003. The only product I know is Nortel’s phone systems.

Personal info: I married a wonderful, beautiful gal, Stephanie. A little more than a year later our Daughter, Peggy, was born. At 3 months old our daughter went from a normal little girl to one with profound multiple handicaps. Five years later, our son, JC, was born. Completely baffling the doctors again, at 3 months old he had the same thing happen to him. Both were 100% disabled except for smiling, laughing and crying. Peggy is now forever 16 and dancing the streets of Gold and talking with Jesus.
My full time job is taking care of our now 24 year old son and helping out Stephanie where I can. And on the side, running my business.
God has been so very good to us.

If CON is the opposite of PRO
Then what is the opposite of Progress?