AT&T has a program where you can make up to $550 a year by getting others to sign up. I got 2 people to sign up, followed the instructions I was given, and waited the 4-6 weeks for my $$$ to show up.

2 months later, nothing. I wait another month. Nothing.

I call. The response? We don't know why it's not showing up. Call back in 2 weeks.

So yesterday I called back. Walked the phone tree, finally got to the point of "Press 2 to talk to a support rep", and was then promptly hung up on.

Tried again. Same results.

So I called the AT&T non-uverse support dept. It took THEM 20 minutes to get someone on the line. AT&T was getting frustrated at AT&T!

After I was finally connected, right off the bat it was obvious the rewards rep had a severe attitude problem. First statement: You see that second customer you referred? You can forget about it. You didn't follow the right steps. You aren't getting paid for that, so don't ask.

My irritation level begins to grow as I asked what are "the right steps", after explaining I had done everything I was instructed to do, based on the info given. More irritation... finally I said, allright, just forget about the second one. Why am I not getting paid for the first one?

After being asked various data about the person I referred (phone #, their UVerse Account number, etc), I was asked what UVerse services did they buy? To which I replied, I have no idea - you did the install and actual sale, I just referred them. Don't you know what they finally bought?

The response: We don't have access to that information, and since you didn't find out, you don't get your rewards.

Then I was informed that by making a referall, I was working for AT&T, and I didn't do my job properly, and wasn't going to be paid. Literally, those were her words.

More irritation and very nearly screaming on my part. Finally I told her - ya know what, forget it. I'm cancelling all AT&T accounts and hung up on her.

Then I sent an email to their customer support department, and got back a spam response.

Finally I sent a copy of the email I sent to U-Verse to regular old AT&T support dept. They asked me to please call.

I did, was treated profesionally, politely and got my rewards. I forwarded the email I sent to U-verse on to them, told them I wished I had gotten the name of the rep I had talked to, and they said... oh don't worry. We can find that out, and that's exactly what my supervisor and I are going to do.

I was also told I wasn't supposed to gather any of the info the U-verse rep said I was supposed to.

I think someone lost their job at U-verse today.

Just wanted to give any U-verse subscribers a heads up on this. The service itself is outstanding, the tech support is excellent.

Customer support/U-verse rewards? Not so much.

Thanks -