Audio Makers of Scottsdale Arizona had requested my company to troubleshoot 1 of their on hold units in ths St Louis area. My tech arrived on site, contacted Audio Makers Tech Support to inform them the unit was out putting fine that the Vodavi system it was on just wasnt passing the music through. We told them to contact whomever services their equipment to fix it that it wasnt something we could work on. Anyways, Michael(the owner) of Audio makers contacted me today to inform me he was NOT going to pay our bill, cause his salesman (Chris Johnson)went to the site and programmed the Vodavi. I explained that maybe he should have Chris run his service calls for now on. Needless to say, I know Chris on a personal level and I can name 5 companies in the St Louis area he did not pay, and us being one of them. The reason we did work for Audio Makers was we were told Chris did not work for them any longer.Chris Got me for $500.00 about 7 years ago, and several other companies too!, BEWARE!!!