Hi, My name is Ken and I live in Kilkenny, Ireland.

I have being in the telecoms business since I was 17 and I moved to Dublin,Ireland and started installing carphones back in 1984,that company started to sell Kanda 516 telephone systems so I started installing them for them.

After a few years I setup a company with another tech and we contracted to companys installing and servicing mostly Goldstar systems. about 20 years ago we went in to sales and servicing and started to do Panasonic as well.

After about 7 years doing that I moved back to my home town and started out on my own, still doing Panasonic, but started doing Siemens 3000 series as well.
15 months ago I gave up working for myself and joined a company that I used to do a lot of contract work for....

I am married for the last 22 years with 2 children.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”