I have a Definty 8720 , which is cionnected directly to Verizon by a DS3. of course the DS3 is broken down into Ds1s./ theya re setup as PRI today as a result of a storm overnight we are deluged with calls. we are a power utility. I am finding through some of the day a report in the alarm logs with an erro code of 3909.

In my old R6 maint manula the 3909 says it is a result of a request to use a netwrok service but the network has rejected the4 request because the requested service is not implemented.

has anyone else seen this and fdo you have a bit betteridea of what they are sayionhg? This is all voice only traffic nothing special but when this happens it looks like we of course are rejhecting call completions and thus giving out busies.

Suggestions ideas?

Thnx Dennis H.