Hi Guys,

Hoping someone can help.

I am having to install an SV9100 with Q-Sig via PRTA cards to an Avaya PABX. Also SIP trunks to an NEC BX SBC.

Basically I need to know how to assign/program the PRTA cards for qsig. Does anyone have any info on how to do this?

Once I have the Qsig up and running and the SIP trunks working to the SBC, I need to route calls between both sets of trunks. In short, if a call comes in on the Q-Sig trunks, it will need to automatically route out the SIP trunks and vice versa. Something like an automatic Trunk to Trunk Transfer? I dont care what has been dialled, i just need to send what comes in on the Q-SIG Trunks, out the SIP Trunks