With my SL1100 I have three G566 Dect handsets connected to a DAP400s via the DAP Lite Configurator.
These are working, the four function buttons work, they can make, receive and transfer calls, they can access the central directory etc.
What they will not do, which is beginning to bug me, is ring differently with internal and external calls.
On the handsets you can choose ringtones for external and internal (and other options too), but no matter what I choose, all calls ring with the "external" tone.
I am using 1 x analogue line and 2 x SIP trunks. It behaves the same on all lines.
Any pointers? Is this a limitation?
I believe the iSIP protocol only works on a licences DAP, which mine should be, and without the licence the function buttons wouldn't work, as these use iSIP too?

Thanks :-)