Over the last 20+ Yrs we have made millions with this domain name alone (usedphones.com), this price includes two active websites and much more,
A - 3 main domain names usedphones.com usedphones.us sundance-communications.com. Plus several other domain names.
B - Two Active Websites www.usedphones.com & Sundance-communications.com/forum are an eCommerce equipment reseller and an active real-time communications tech forum with a large following of 49K members.
C - 20+K valid & cleaned email addresses from our members and customers.
D - Over $150,000 in inventory and test systems and communication repair machines/hardware and software.
E - We have the most current software and website platforms and they can be moved to anywhere in the world to keep orders going.
F - We have Ebay, Amazon, Google, VoIP Suppliers and other accounts.
G - 49,000 PDF manuals for Download and Resale.
H - 30+ Top Admins and Moderators that work for the love of the site in the communication industries. On this site many different types of services can be sold and memberships.
I - Well defined brands in a highly special niche market selling platform.
J - Over 25 years of business with loyal and repeat customers.
K - Limited marketing efforts have been engaged to date. The business has used influencers to grow the store and is nowhere near its potential.
L - Both are Highly Automated Business and require minimal hours per month to run.
M - All forms of payments are accepted and all orders and payments from customers are fully automated.
O - Advertising can be sold on Sundance Ad placements, tech leads memberships and Adsence with recurring payments, all are setup and running.
P - Send all of your customers for tech support over to your new tech site, and get them off your back, it is a great tool to have. And needless to say how that gives you an advantage over your competitors. Buy this whole package just for this one thing only. The sky is the limit on what you could do with these sites.
Q - Save $1000s each month on payper click from the search engines, send sales/ traffic to your company from sundance now which is near 20K a month.
U - Resell services, hosted, cloud and any other to all new and old members, there is a huge potential here!
R - We have two IT programmers that work on hourly and will still be able to maintain all sites, business as usual.
S - $50,000.00 in new plastics, paper and Desi Strips for the telephones.
The last company we purchased, we were able to recover the cost from its customer sales in less than a year. And the buy price was close to double the price of what we are offering on this sale now.
To our competitors, we are offering this quick asset cash sale and we are willing to entertain any offers! I might be willing to break up the package. If the company does not sell we will ramp up products to cover all new and old on the new website.
Reason for leaving the communications world, I am leaving/moving to the Hawaiian Islands. This came up quick, so please step up before the one competitor that you would really not like it sold to buys it out from under you. Don't miss this opportunity. If I sell just usedphones.com I will continue to maintain sundance message board.
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