Well OK, since we did not give the company away at 10K the price is going to start going back up into the hundreds of thousands. Relisting it at 50K then it will keep going up. $50,000 takes it all!

ECommerce Company For Sale $50K Takes It All!

The domain name Usedphones.com by itself is worth a small fortune. We get so many request from Google searches on that Domain name, this is why we are able to broker equipment to the other vendors each month. There is just to many request for equipment.

Currently sales are 100K to 200K per year just by myself and part time help, but I have had 2 million dollar years in sales with 15 employees and this is easy to do again.

You can run the business from any city. If you do not want it, maybe you know someone who might want it!

Over the last 25+ Yrs with existing customers that place orders every day.

Currently we have 10,000 pages indexed on Google.

This is what comes with this turn key eCommerce business
(Usedphones.com), this price includes brand new active websites and much more.
1 - 2-domain names Usedphones.com Usedphones.us .
2 - Active Website www.usedphones.com
3 - 20,000+ valid & cleaned email addresses from our members, brokers and
4 - Over $100,000 in inventory and test systems and communication repair
machines/hardware and software.
5 - We have an Ebay & Amazon stores. Walmart has approached us to list equipment with them.
6 - We have the most current software and website platforms and they can be moved to anywhere in the world to keep orders going. Usedphones.com website was upgraded to a new platform 2 months ago.
7 - Over 25 years of business with loyal and repeat customers.
8 - A highly automated business that requires minimal hours per month to run.
9 - All forms of payments are accepted on the website and all orders and payments from customers are fully automated.
10 - Resell services, hosted, cloud and any other to all new and old members, there is a
huge potential here!
11 - We have an IT programmer that will work on per hour and you will still be able to maintain
business as usual if needed or do it yourself our use your IT person.
12 - $25,000.00 in new plastics and Desi Strips for the telephones.
13 - There are three 800 numbers that are linked to the business and have been active for more than 20 years.

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