Posted By: dagwoodsystems Another phone scam - 11/19/08 09:53 PM
We received an uninvited call this evening at 7:56pm. CID name = "Out of area" and CID number = +50622844870 (note that this is an eleven digit number with the plus sign prefix).

A pre-recorded message urged me to stay on the line. And why shouldn't I? They had attempted to call me many times unsuccessfully about the extension of my automobile warranty!

It only took a minute's worth of research to see that this was one of many (possibly spoofed) telephone numbers that have been associated with Costa Rican telemarketers on phishing expeditions.

There are numerous reports of these "robot calls" being made to mobile or land line numbers with the premise that: 1) your auto warranty is about to expire, 2) your auto insurance is about to expire or 3) you may lower your high credit card rates by talking to us.

Phone calls with similar CID info has been reported since May of this year. Since these calls are most likely made from outside the U.S., it doesn't make sense to file a complaint with the FTC. The fact that your phone number appears on the National "Do Not Call" list is meaningless to a scammer in Central America. The best way to handle such calls is to hang up. Don't ask who they are, how they got your number or similar question unless you wish to be hung up on first.
Posted By: jimmyv Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 04:17 AM

I have been hounded by these guys at home and work so much that I now try to waste their time… While I got you on the phone, I’d like to renew my warranty on all of my cars… what does your best policy cover? Credit card rates? Sure, I got me a Diner’s Card and a Microsoft Vista credit card… They usually hang up before I get all of that out.

My wife will ignore or hang up before talking to a “human”, I think that their software just call back later. I’m hoping that once connected, the person on the other end will notate that calling me is a waste of their time. My wife thinks that they will keep calling back eventually getting some information from the idiot (Me) that stays on the line.
Posted By: MooreTel Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 04:47 AM
Tim, I'm like jimmyv. If I've got the time to waste, I do the same.

Once had a call about a Florida Vacation package. She went on & on & it indeed sounded like a good deal. When she started asking for my credit card number was when the fun began.

I insisted that it was against corporate & personal policy to give it out over the phone unless I called them & then then asked for her number so I could call her back. She couldn't do that so I suggested that she mail me the info with her contact info, so that she could get the credit for the "sale". She couldn't do that either. After about 20 minutes of this crapola, I signaled to my wife to call me on anther line, which she did. This was so my caller would hear a phone ring. Then I told her that I had another line and please hold.

I never went back to her but she stayed on hold for another 20 minutes or so. Guess she really wanted that "sale".
Posted By: emark Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 05:52 AM
My favorite is the folks who leave an 800 number for you to call back on. If I'm in a particularly pissy mood, I program the voice mail system to call that number, stay offhook for 3 minutes and then repeat the process, all of this done after normal business hours. Let's see, 12 ports all calling that 800 number over and over for 12 hours and staying offhook for 3 minutes...yeah...let's hit their wallet for a change! Oh yeah, I leave 4 ports out of the outdial pattern so I can still take emergency calls!!!
Posted By: dagwoodsystems Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 07:50 AM
You guys are perfectly evil. I love it! I knew I could come here and get the support I was looking for.
Posted By: RobCalltrol Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 09:05 AM
When I read the number you posted, I remembered having received a call on my cell the other day - +50622717313. Not recognizing it, I just let it go to VM. haven't seen it again since, though.
Posted By: Arthur P. Bloom Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 10:06 AM
You could do what this guy did:

Posted By: soyons-expositifs Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 11:05 AM
Posted By: Lightning horse Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 02:44 PM
Many long years ago, when you could get away with this, I got an 'anonymous' call from some young ladies (recognized the voice of the 16 year-old next door) asking about our 'bedroom' activities. I played them like a school of fish! Finally invited them over with a 'multple partners' suggestion, at which point, THEY HUNG UP! Then I called them back, (she was our babysitter) and suggested that they not do that any more, if they didn't want their folks to know about it. Told her that I had recorded the whole thing, and that scared her. (Kids were more gullible back then, I guess.) It was fun, but looking back, I suppose I could have ended up in the iron-bar motel! frown John C.
Posted By: KENB Re: Another phone scam - 11/20/08 02:48 PM
Now thats funny :rofl: laugh :toothy: :banana:
Posted By: mongo5150 Re: Another phone scam - 11/24/08 12:15 PM
One day I got sick of the fax-a-marketers. I replied back to a fax with a 20" peice of black paper, taped both ends together, and let it go. It timed out after somewhere around 25 minutes.

I wonder how much ink they have left.....
Posted By: Lightning horse Re: Another phone scam - 11/24/08 12:56 PM
Probably ran out of paper and memory. True story, when fax machines first came out with memory to pick up when paper ran out, 1 manufacturer forgot that their machine turned off when you opened it to add paper. Neglected to arrange some sort of keep-alive for the memory. Oops, ran out of paper overnite. Oh look, there are 3 faxes in memory. Replace paper, what 3 faxes in memory? smile John C.
Posted By: BillFlippen Re: Another phone scam - 11/24/08 02:36 PM
I had a telemarketer call about replacing windows on my car, I asked if they did houses, they said no, so I asked if my 1968 Winnebago counted as a house or a car. The I started spewing Dimensions of every window. I then told them that I would only buy from them if the nice young boy on the phone would marry my daughter. I did all of this in a really crappy Apu style voice. Whole office was in hysterics.

Another one caught me at home, I get goig on about how I loved Pele, and that my son was trying to be as good as Pele and how I loved Portugal. Everytime time they tried to get there sales pitch in I would go off on something even more rediculous until it got to the point I had to rescue a mule from a mud pit.

I also have a MP3 player set up for my MOH, I got a recording of train whistles, leafblowers, roosters, fart noises, and anything else I could get my hands on, I set it up into a continuous 4 minute loop, Someone call asking for me I would unplug my Main MOH source and plug in the "good" one then place the caller hold forever. Someone actually stayed on for 23 minutes. I would answer in a differet voice every 5 minutes asking if tey have been helped.

Another on
Posted By: Lightning horse Re: Another phone scam - 11/24/08 06:38 PM
Bill, you are MEAN. I love it! smile John C.
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