Posted By: dexman Scissor-Mount Candlestick Telephones. - 10/20/12 11:57 PM
Not really a question, more of a post to save an interesting tidbit of telecom information.

Recently Boskerthearkite posted in the Shout Box: "For all you guys with old phones, I just saw an old candlestick mounted to an exetnsion arm. Kind of like on a grabber or a pantegraph. Maybe a Central operators phone or testboard. Any one ever see such a thing?"

Arthur posted: "Those were used predominately in railway dispatching applications".

You can see an example here, 4th one down on the left.

The contraption at the top left used a receiver magnet so big and heavy, it was mounted in the bottom of the the wall mounted phone, and the 2 hoses brought the sound to your ears. The one that I saw in person had a later model transmitter, a wooden affair about the size of a tennis ball mounted to the top

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