Posted By: Derbinator TVSE Card Installation - 12/01/08 09:14 AM
Setting up a TVSe card in our existing Telrad System here S/W Version is 3.13
We have the card installed and configured on this side of the LAN - There is also an IP phone which is configured to connect through to the Internal IP of the TVSe card - which at the moment for test purposes is working fine because both the card and the phone are all on the same LAN- Our goal here is to have Telrad IP phones in our remote offices - (there are 3 in total )

My question is, can the VOIP traffic be routed through our firewall on port 5060 to the internal IP of the TVSE card or does the card itself require a dedicated Static Public IP address to correctly route the traffic?
If the phones are installed on remote sites then I am assuming that the Gateway address on the IP phone will be the Public IP address at our end - we can then set the configuration of the phones at the local level to be DHCP. We have been told that we cannot route the traffic - this to us means putting in another DSL line with a static IP address - this isn't a viable option for us at present.

Hope I have been clear in the questions.
Posted By: tony3866 Re: TVSE Card Installation - 12/02/08 07:07 AM
You need to contact a moderator to help you with this inquire. This is above the normal tech support question. Anyone of us could help you out.
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