Posted By: 1OldPhoneMan Repair Failed Stratagy IPv8? - 11/07/08 04:21 AM
Have a Stratagy IPv8 R2 4 port that won't boot up after a power failure. (Site reports AC power flickered on/off serveral times due to power company problems, there PC's didn't like it much, either.)

I've checked the unit in my home CTX100, green pilot at top comes on, a few seconds later all LEDs light up, stays that way for a minute or so, then goes out an repeats the cycle.

Placing a serial terminal on com2 shows no apparent boot info. I assume the flash is corrupted or worse. Suggestions welcomed.

If unit is not recoverable, is there a reliable and reasonably priced third party repair service that you would suggest?

(PM's OK if such details not appropriate here.)
Posted By: RRino Re: Repair Failed Stratagy IPv8? - 11/07/08 07:01 AM
PM sent.
Posted By: p2ii Re: Repair Failed Stratagy IPv8? - 11/07/08 07:01 AM
Almost certainly sounds like the S/W is corrupt. A system and most definitely one with VM should NEVER be without a form of UPS/Battery Backup....EVER! I can't answer the question about repair other than Toshiba themselves.
You have battery backup capability for all Toshibas, all you need is the cable and two gel cells, we use two 35 amp 12 volt gel cells.

The retail cost of each battery where we buy them is $85 and it is possible to buy 7 amp batteries but the total cost to the customer with labor is not that much different.
Posted By: Re: Repair Failed Stratagy IPv8? - 11/11/08 04:09 PM
sounds like rino is on the case,

if he cant help you i can give you instructions to repair it....

good luck
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