Posted By: SSPhone CIX100 w/Amanda VM - 11/10/08 12:24 PM
ANyone know the intergration codes to put in the CIX for a Amanda.
CIX100 310
Amanda 5.45/5.54

91 and 92 dont work.
Gets "thats a invalid ext"
Posted By: MacOSX Re: CIX100 w/Amanda VM - 11/10/08 03:17 PM
No idea, but I would go through the list of common ones...

*, #, 999, 5, 8, 7, etc.
Posted By: SSPhone Re: CIX100 w/Amanda VM - 11/10/08 03:47 PM
Thanks to some help from my friends here, it's up and running. Not well but running. Big issue now is no dongle and say 3 day trial when it boots up.
They got this used last month and the guy they got it from got paid and then gave up on it. We're quoting them a new IVP8. Guess getting signed up to be a Toshiba Dealer again, last week is going to pay off. smile
Posted By: MacOSX Re: CIX100 w/Amanda VM - 11/11/08 03:03 AM
Haha, good to hear.
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