Posted By: los415 Dropped Calls - 11/14/08 05:14 PM
Hey guys,

i have a customer that runs a toshiba strata cix. we have been having this random issue where the pbx keeps dropping random inbound/outbound calls. i don't know the spacifics of the pbx but we provide them a pri running ni2. the reason i have come to the conclusion that the pbx is the one dropping the calls is that i have gone ahead and put a test set on monitor and have noticed no type of clock slips or es / sefs ect. i went one step further and did pri debug on our switch and have gone thru and documented all the calls they have complained about dropping each time we are getting the disconnect request from the pbx side of the line. anyone have any thoughts of what we can look for on there pbx? thanks in advance.
Posted By: TadiranTechTexas Re: Dropped Calls - 11/15/08 07:48 AM
under system settings make sure the clocking source is defined.
Posted By: Old blond hippity hopping Bunnie Re: Dropped Calls - 11/15/08 07:23 PM
How often are these calls dropping? Ten a day, ten a month? Are they documenting all dropped calls by channel? That is, could this always be happening to one channel? Do they have the CIX provisioned for the exact number of channels you are sending them?

Can you ask them which CIX they are running and what revision of software they have? I am not personally aware of any software revision glitches but others would would see the post might.
Posted By: los415 Re: Dropped Calls - 11/17/08 09:32 AM
i know the clocking was set correctly that is the first thing we checked. i will get more deail today to see what software version they are running. i'm actull going to go dig thru the cdr data to see if it is always the same channel that the drop calls are happening on. they are getting about 3-5 drop calls a day.
Posted By: Old blond hippity hopping Bunnie Re: Dropped Calls - 11/17/08 09:54 AM
If I understand you correctly, the circuit supplier has a 24 hour monitor and sees no slips, correct?

I assume you have rebooted the system? It can be some tiny little glitch you don't see. I repeatedly tried to log into my bank account this morning and the data kept going blank. After a lot of telephone support the lady asked me to close my browser and reopen it. I couldn't see what that would do but as soon as I reopened the browser I got in on the first try.

The CIX is essentially a computer and any little glitch that does not seem obvious can occur. I put all my installs on a one millionth of a second surge protector. Most surge protectors will act too slow to keep a glitch from occurring.
Posted By: los415 Re: Dropped Calls - 11/17/08 01:48 PM
we are the circuit provider and yes the circuit is clean as far as errors or clock slips. i looked thru the cdr data it looks like it's pretty random on which the channels are being disconnected on. i'm waiting for info back on which sw version they are running. is there a way to get pri debug out of the pbx? that way we can match our debug with theres and see if we see anything funny happening.
Posted By: Old blond hippity hopping Bunnie Re: Dropped Calls - 11/17/08 09:17 PM
I've never needed to do a PRi debug on a CIX so I am a bit rusty on what would be needed.

Can you get a version number on the PRi? This could be a case of swapping a PRi card.

Were I on site, I would power down, rerack the card several times and power up. Not likely but possible it could be a poor connection on the PRi card. I've had Partner systems where just pulling the card in and out a few times evidently scraped some oxidation away and the card functioned just fine. I would say this is a low probability but would only take a minute and wouldn't hurt anything.

The other option would be to swap the PRi card. The dealer may or may not have a spare card in stock. I always keep a spare just in case, you never know, but bad Toshiba cards are VERY few and FAR between.

Are you bringing in a PRi from your switch or bringing in a data T-1 and converting it to PRi on-site?
Posted By: phonemeister Re: Dropped Calls - 11/17/08 10:14 PM
Is this the customer's first PRI? Did they switch provider?
Posted By: los415 Re: Dropped Calls - 11/18/08 01:07 PM
the t1 is coming directly from our switch no voip involved. this is not the first customers pri but it is a new phone system. they moved from an old office to a new office at the same time swapping out pbx. so there are a couple of varriables going on here. so is it possible to get pri debug out of the CIX ?
Posted By: phonemeister Re: Dropped Calls - 11/18/08 04:14 PM
I think this problem requires the attention of Toshiba tech support with whom the vendor ought to be working hand in hand. The CIX is capable of error and debugging logs which will be intrepreted by tech support.
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