Posted By: rdangela CIX 40 voice mail transfer, History Issue - 11/19/08 11:51 AM
I am just starting out in the phone tech field with a toshiba dealer and having solved most of the issues with setting up this phone system 2 issues still haunt me, any help would be great

when the customer wants to transfer directly to voice mail, they tried to use #407 but all it does is transfer the call to the persons phone not to there voice mail am I missing a setting?

Call history doesn't show up on the phones, the stations are setup correctly to me. In station ID.17 Call History Memory has been set between 10-100.

You need to make sure the message center is set up correctly. in advanced settings, there is a portion in there where you can tell the system what the pilot number to voicmail is. That should be whatever you set the main extension to voicemail is.

Also, if you have that set up. make sure you hit the trnsfer #407 extension number and then #....
Posted By: MacOSX Re: CIX 40 voice mail transfer, History Issue - 11/19/08 06:25 PM
Firstly, welcome to the board Randy!

TadiranTechTexas is correct on the VM-TRNS... gotta check the VM Pilot, if it not in there, or incorrect the system will do odd things.

As far as the CID :

1. Do you have a CID button programmed on the phone?

2. Are you aware that call history is stored at the station that answeres the call?

3. Do you get CID info when the call rings in?
thanks for the answer, just a follow up, I needed a cid key for the main phone, and the programming wasn't setup correctly to allow me to use #407, thanks for the help
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