Posted By: YVONNE Toshiba DKT3220C-SD - 11/21/08 02:51 PM
How do you change the name on the LCD display,
I have so many instructions, none work.
the 4 keys under the screen don't function.
Anyone know?? System dkt3220c-sd
Posted By: mj_wald Re: Toshiba DKT3220C-SD - 11/21/08 05:43 PM
it would depend on the system your phone is pluged into. Toshiba DK or CxX.
USUALLY, the system installer gives the company a book meant for the "System Administrator" and the instructions would be in that.

If you look at the Toshiba control unit it will say something such as: "Strata 280" Strata 424i" "CTX28" "CIX40" "CIX670", etc.

If we know what system you have we could email you a .pdf of the instructions. These are not technical "secrets" but common instructions often done by one person in the company.
Posted By: MacOSX Re: Toshiba DKT3220C-SD - 11/26/08 08:46 AM
Have you found out which system you have yet?
Posted By: Voyager Re: Toshiba DKT3220C-SD - 11/26/08 09:25 AM
OK - You mentioned the 3220c. Given that, can we assume you have a CTX/CIX? If so, your station must be set up in system programming as the Administrator phone. There is also a password attached. If it is not, then you cannot make name changes.

I would first contact the installer to find out if any station has been assigned as the Administrator. Then if (s)he cannot tell you how to change the name, come on back here.
Posted By: YVONNE Re: Toshiba DKT3220C-SD - 11/27/08 02:40 PM
I have talked to the installers many times and have many instructions, none work. They said I might need software update but not sure, If they come out and it does work for them, they charge.
Back in my post above, I asked if you could go find the Toshiba control unit and read the information on the unit that would tell us WHICH KIND of TOSHIBA you have.

The phone that you have will work on the very latest Toshiba CIX1200 and the very, very old Strata DK16 that hasn't been manufactured for probably 15 years. Instructions vary by unit, and if you can't go find out which control unit you have, you can't expect us to help you.

This is no different from asking about the fuel system on a Chevrolet with telling us it has a four barrel carburetor or fuel injection.

No one here wants to keep a secret from you on how to change the name on your phone. NO, you DO NOT need to update software to change the name on your phone. Anyone who would tell you that is either a crook or a fool.

Maybe you could call the installers and ask what Toshiba control unit you have. Maybe you could ask them to send you a copy of the administrator's user guide, that might cost a dollar or two, probably free in .pdf style.
Posted By: newtecky Re: Toshiba DKT3220C-SD - 11/28/08 09:55 AM
Just to paraphrase what Voyager said; if you do have the CTX line of Toshiba phone system then the only way you can change the names from the phone is if;

- your software level supports that function. Going by memory if needs to be 2.21 I think which was out about 3-4 years ago.
- the phone you are using has been programmed as an Administrator by the technician.

Since we are making all these assumptions, if the 3200 series phones were installed at the same time as your phone system, then your software IS current enough to support this feature. Older CTX systems had the 3000 series phones. Again this is assuming that your phone was installed at the same time as the main system.

You will have to have the installer turn on this feature for you before it will work. Itis normally off.
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