Posted By: cix noob remote maintance - 12/05/08 08:02 PM
i need to put my cix on a lan and remote into it by tel-net. can this b done?

if not i do have an amds and ive pointed a DID to it and set it to CIX modem but it will not take any dialing digits ( all of this is in pro. 309)

the person i talked to for tech support told me to build a mailbox and set the ext. field to #19 so i did but that dosent work. so how do i call the system?

thanks in advance also the modem does pick up when i dial intercom #19 so it does work if i call it manually on site.
Posted By: cix noob Re: remote maintance - 12/05/08 08:04 PM
o i forgot does anyone know if a PIDKT works on a CIX 670?

im trying to get my MOH (on the processor) to play thru the over head speakers.

the way i did it on the 424 was put a phone on that ext and turned on the BGM then put it back on the PIDKT. but it's not working on the CIX
Posted By: newtecky Re: remote maintance - 12/05/08 08:43 PM
If you set the DID to the CTX modem, you do not need any dialing digits. The internal modem will answer when you call it.

The other method I use all the time isthe one you mentioned from Tech support. Set a DID to the Voicemail and create a box with #19 (I usually also add the H for blind transfer but should work either way).

When you call and get the voicemail, dial the VM box that you created and you should here "Please hold while I try that extension" and then a couple seconds later the modem tones. Make sure DND is not enabled.

Connecting remotely to the CIX through the Internet could be difficult. I know it is possible because we have one cutomer that put the CIX on a public IP and I can connect to it remotely. But that is extremely rare to have it on a public IP. There is no Telneting into the CIX. Your only option is connecting through eManager. I have not tried to connect through a firewall. If you could have the required ports fowarded through through the firewall there may be a chance it could work.

What does work nice is if you ever install a MAS and use remote connection software. EManager is already installed on a MAS. Any PC that has eManager install could be used, if you could remotely connect to that PC.

Yes a PIDKT will work on a 670. I thought I remember seeing a setup on a 670 doing what you are trying to do, turn on BGM and put the PIDKT back in its place for backgroup music. Does it work when you call the extension? I believe BGM will continue to play after you reconnect, but you may want to verify with the DKT phone.
Posted By: mj_wald Re: remote maintance - 12/06/08 09:46 AM
If i remember correctly you can only hook a PI-DKT to the first 8 ports of a station card. Don't know why.

Also the BGM key must be programed on button 6?
Posted By: cix noob Re: remote maintance - 12/07/08 08:24 AM
ok thanks for all the info, i didnt put the BGM on button 6 ill have to try that tues.

by the way they are using all pdku's in this 670 there old 424 got damaged in hurricane IKE and they had to replace most of it but the station card's were ok and they didnt want to buy new phones and station cards

i did put the PIDKT on ext 268 and the BGM works thru the spk. but when i put it back on the PIDKT and put my butt set on the 600 ohms side i didnt have anything

back to the main problem smile i made a box in the V/M and put the ext. to b #19 but no H for the blind trans. as i didnt think that would matter but maybe it does?? it doesnt ring when i dial int. #19 so i didnt think the V/M had to ring it either.

Also i did put the DID that i want to assign to the remote main. in prog. 309 to be the maintance modem but it doesnt work it just rings and keeps ringing

thanks in advance, Mike
Posted By: newtecky Re: remote maintance - 12/07/08 09:56 AM
I would try the BGM without a programmed button and just enter #490 01 to turn it on with the phone.

You already verified that the modem works by dialing #19 from a phone so I don't seee why either method would not work. So you created a mailbox of, for example 900, with an extension field of #19. When you call the voicemail and dial 900 (in this example) you should, in a few seconds, hear the modem. I always put an H after the #19 but I would not think it would matter that much.

I know I have used a DID to the internal modem a couple times. I don't see wht that would not work unless the DID is not hitting the phone switch or something like that. You could try to change it to Dialing digits with #19 but not sure if that would work at all.
Posted By: phonemeister Re: remote maintance - 12/07/08 12:09 PM
In DID assignments, don't use dialing digits. Use internal modem instead.
Posted By: mj_wald Re: remote maintance - 12/08/08 07:50 AM
As far as voice mail transfer for RMAT I have always done @F-#19-H in the extension field. Be sure DND on the mail box is OFF.

In DID programing under your audio day settings just select built in modem. No other fields should be populated.
Posted By: cix noob Re: remote maintance - 12/10/08 08:12 PM
ok the V/M works fine as far as trans. to the modem all i had to do is put an H behind the #19 so thank you very much for the info!! i could not get the DID to call the modem though, but it dosent matter since the V/M is doing it for me.

but the PIDKT still doesnt work. i turned the BGM on with a digital phone and then hooked the PIDKT back up. i even put the BGM button on button 6 as mj_wald suggested.

any other suggestions on the PIDKT problem? i do know the amp is working fine because there pageing is working fine through the amp and speakers.
Posted By: mj_wald Re: remote maintance - 12/11/08 04:17 PM
i am guessing with key 6, might be key 5. try a few different keys. Than push the BGM key on the PIDKT to activate.
Posted By: anba Re: remote maintance - 04/06/12 02:02 PM
I can create/add a VM box through calling the auto attn login to the admin box of 999, but unable to set the new vm box to extension #19, just unable to set a extension with # in the front of the number 19. Any other options to set this ext. to #19?

Posted By: phonemeister Re: remote maintance - 04/06/12 02:39 PM
I replied to your other post about this.
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