Posted By: LonelyAdmin CIX670 RSTU/BSTU Card help - 08/25/22 07:43 PM

I have a CIX670 that I'm slowing migrating off of. Users screaming and kicking all along the way. Every line I have dealt with so far came in on a T1 with a 3 or 4 digit DID. I've managed (with much help here) to figure out how to deal with these in Network eManager to get them over to the VOIP appliance. I've now got to deal with what I think are analog lines that connect to a couple of cards that are either RSTU or BSTU cards. I'm guessing that's what they are by looking at System->Card Assignment. Not sure what the difference is between the R and the B.

Anyways, how can I find any information in eManager about what those lines are? I'm working with the big three letter telco to try and identify the circuit...but that's moving slow. I think I know the phone numbers tied to these, but not sure. I'm not in a position to do any scream tests right now either.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: newtecky Re: CIX670 RSTU/BSTU Card help - 08/26/22 03:26 AM
RSTU and BSTU are for analog stations, such as faxes, conference phones, or other analog phones.
If there are any analog lines in the PBX, they would be most likely connected to an RCOU.
Posted By: LonelyAdmin Re: CIX670 RSTU/BSTU Card help - 08/26/22 04:39 PM
You are correct. Walked my lazy self over there and there are two RCOU cards, a 2 port and a 4 port. They cables they connect to go through a bajillion (I counted) junction blocks...I have no idea where they physically go at this point.

I'll try with a better toner next change I get. Is there a way in eManager to figure out what these ports are or how they're being used?
Posted By: newtecky Re: CIX670 RSTU/BSTU Card help - 08/27/22 12:22 AM
If you have a T1 or PRI, it isn't typical to have that many active lines. They could have been there before an upgrade.

Anyway in Network eManager you can look at Trunks - Trunk Assignments to see which are programmed. If you have an older T1, then you may also see 24 lines for the T1. If you have a PRI (more common), then you would only see the RCOU analog lines.

Assuming you have only analog lines and a PRI, from a phone dial #7001 to pickup line 1 directly. Call your cell to check the phone number. Use #7002 for line 2, etc..
Posted By: Skunky Re: CIX670 RSTU/BSTU Card help - 08/27/22 11:45 AM
keep in mind the RCOU cards each support 2 lines per "port"... 12 analog lines seems like a lot, for a system that's got a T1
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