Posted By: maninquestion Infinite IN9015-71 - 11/03/08 01:26 PM
I recently moved my offices to a new building. I plugged in everything in the exact same way as it was at my old location.

Of the 9 extensions, 4 are working improperly. On the LCD at the phone, it lists the correct extension. But when I lift up the receiver, it indicates, with a red light, the wrong extension. I also cannot acces the VM system through these 4 extensions.

Extensions 100-103 and extension 108 work flawlessly. Extensions 104-107 are all malfunctioning the same way.

Phones: Vodavi 24 Button Exetutive Key Telephone IN9015-71

The Brain and VM module don't have model numbers on them, They're just labeled "Vodavi"
Posted By: Derrick Re: Infinite IN9015-71 - 11/04/08 01:05 PM
Your buttons lost programming. You should be able to reprogram them yourself with very little trouble. Flexible button programming is in the user guide. If you don't have one you can download one from my website. You will need the Triad user guide. The Triad phone doesn't look the same but it works pretty much the same so the guide will still work.
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