Posted By: Xcountry Sbx/cable dialtone - 12/01/08 01:17 PM
Has anyone hooked up the Sbx to comcast dialtone?? Any problems??
Posted By: Happy_day Re: Sbx/cable dialtone - 12/10/08 02:50 PM
I don't know wheather comcast or not. I had a problem with getting dialtone. SBX could get incomming call but it couldn't get dialtone. I called tech support and they said that check the line voltage and current. I checked them. It was good. I brought new sbx(it was good at my office) and got same problem. I brought STS and Panasonic KX-T and both system has no problem with getting dialtone. I called the vertical tech support and they said to me "SBX doesn't like the someting on CO line". That was Verizon POTS line. They didn't give me the answer and they said figure it out with carrier....Do you think I can figure it out with carrier???
So what..
I collected 10 phones and SBX system from site.
I installed Panasonic KX-TA...
That's my story.
Posted By: Xcountry Re: Sbx/cable dialtone - 12/11/08 04:02 PM
That sounds like the problem I had a few months ago. The problem was lightspan. The lines come out of the central office on fiber and are switched to copper somewhere near your site. I had 4 cos and only one of them had those symptoms. I had the verizon tech switch the co over to a regular pots line from central office and it worked. I have installed a Xts in the past and the comcast dial tone didnt have loop supervision. So the Xts wouldnt hang up. Guess we will see cause the customer bought the system!
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